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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Environmental Engineering

The newly established Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering of
The Federal University of Technology – Paraná (Brazil) invites
applications for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant position. The post
is funded by CAPES (The Coordination for Enhancement of Higher
Education Personnel) and the initial appointment is for 12 months,
with the possibility of annual renewal (up to 60 months) based on
The Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering (PPGEA) was
established in 2012, and has two research areas: Air Pollution and
Atmospheric Processes (, and Environmental
Sanitation. PPGEA comprises 11 permanent Professors,
technical/administrative staff and 20 students at Master’s level.
The successful candidate should conduct and take part in the research
activities in one of the areas of research of the Program, and is
expected to develop an internationally recognised publication record,
mentor undergraduate students in the candidate’s area of expertise,
and teach graduate courses.

The candidate should have a Doctoral degree in the fields of
Environmental Sciences, Environmental and Sanitation Engineering,
Remote Sensing, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Meteorology, or Climate
Modelling (or a related field).
We seek a candidate with strong quantitative and interdisciplinary
skills, full of initiative and willing to support the various academic
and research activities conducted in the group. You must have
published high quality research in the peer-reviewed literature and be
able to work collaboratively as a member of an interdisciplinary
research team.

Desired skills:
Experience with topics like: radiation transfer modeling, remote
sensing data analysis, environmental/atmospheric/physical modelling,
meteorology, air pollution, and laboratory and field measurements;
wastewater treatment processes, urban and industrial water reuse,
phytoremediation of toxic metals, ecology of continental aquatic
systems, river limnology, environmental microbiology, environmental
molecular microbiology, biodegradation of pesticides in soils,
numerical methods for environmental engineering, air pollution
Programming experience (C and Linux shell scripts) as well as skills
with packages like IDL, Matlab, R is an asset.
Excellent English communication, technical writing and presentation.
The knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish would be an advantage.

The candidate should specify one of the research areas and send
his/her application to:
Subject: Postdoctoral Application

The following documents should be included:
Copy of the Doctoral certificate
A cover letter explaining the interest in the position
A Lattes CV for Brazilians candidates ( or an
European-style Curriculum vitae in English for foreigner candidates

Place of work:
The candidate will work on the campus of the Federal University of
Technology in Londrina (Paraná state). Londrina is the lively centre
of an economic region with 500 thousands inhabitants, as well as a
thriving business city in southern Brazil. The city hosts many
universities, has a pleasant living environment, accommodation at
affordable prices and is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.
The city occupies a key logistic location in southern Brazil, with
frequent air and road links to the largest cities in the region,
including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

Salary: R$ 49,200 (€ 16,300) per annum, tax free.
Starting date: immediately.

Please considerer the local references for prices before any
evaluation about the salary: the average cost of renting a studio flat
with bathroom, room and cooking facilities is about R$800,00 per
month; a meal cost between R$10,00 and R$30,00 (R$2,50 is the
subsidized price for students at University.

For informal inquiries, please contact:
Prof  Jorge Martins
Professor of Physics

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