terça-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2012

A review of cosmic rays and climate

A cluttered story of little success.

A number of blogs were excited after having leaked the second-order draft of IPCC document, which they interpreted as a “game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing”.
However, little evidence remains for a link between galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and variations in Earth’s cloudiness. Laken et al. (2012) recently provided an extensive review of the study of the GCR and Earth’s climate, from the initial work by Ney (1959) to the latest findings from 2012.


This is the title of a recent note posted in Real Climate (www.realclimate.org), pointing to the question whether cosmic rays plays a significant role on climate change. The interested reader should follow this -> link.

O post acima aborda um artigo recente que discute o papel de raios cósmicos galáticos e a cobertura de nuvens em nossa planeta e, deste modo, sua possível influência em nosso clima. O post completo, em inglês, pode ser lido aqui, onde o leitor poderá ter acesso ao artigo original.

Merry Christmas/Feliz Natal.

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