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Climate Change Adaptation: Science and Assessments - UNEP

Science and knowledge are critically important to enable society to understand and respond to threats posed by climate change. Decision makers need sound information on vulnerabilities to climate change grounded in the best science available. Equally important is sound information on the potential social and economic impacts of climate change, particular on more vulnerable groups like the extreme poor.
UNEP has a legacy of facilitating credible impact assessments based on the drivers-pressures-state-impact-responses (DPSIR) framework used for the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series. It has developed different vulnerability and impact assessment (VIA) methodologies suitable for different purposes, including climate change VIA assessment at the national and municipal levels. Assessments respond to demands from Governments, and are normally led by them. They aim to support development of effective and costed adaptation options, and to create more clarity on the choices available to decision makers based on sound science and knowledge. The scientific and assessment activities lay the foundation for UNEP’s policy support and capacity building work.

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