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Matemática da Sustentabilidade

Mathematics Awareness Month 2013
Mathematics of Sustainability

Humanity continually faces the task of how to balance human needs against the world's resources while operating within the constraints imposed by the laws of nature. Mathematics helps us better understand these complex issues and is used by mathematicians and practitioners in a wide range of fields to seek creative solutions for a sustainable way of life. Society and individuals will need to make challenging choices; mathematics provides us with tools to make informed decisions.(*)

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Mathematics Awareness Month - April 2012
Mathematics, Statistics, and the Data Deluge

The American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics announce that the theme for Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2012, is Mathematics, Statistics, and the Data Deluge.
Massive amounts of data are collected every day, often from services we use regularly, but never think about. Scientific data comes in massive amounts from sensor networks, astronomical instruments, biometric devices, etc., and needs to be sorted out and understood. Personal data from our Google searches, our Facebook or Twitter activities, our credit card purchases, our travel habits, and so on, are being mined to provide information and insight. These data sets provide great opportunities, and pose dangers as well.
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(*) Tradução livre:
A humanidade enfrenta, continuamente, a tarefa de equilibrar as necessidades humanas levando em conta os recursos disponíveis, enquanto opera dentro dos limites impostos pelas leis da natureza. A Matemática ajuda-nos a compreender melhor estas questões complexas e é usado por matemáticos e profissionais em uma ampla gama de campos para buscar soluções criativas para um modo de vida sustentável. Sociedades e indivíduos terão de fazer escolhas difíceis. A Matemática nos fornece ferramentas para tomar decisões com conhecimento de causa.


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