quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

Oportunidade em Sensoriamento Remoto (anúncio em inglês)

Remote sensing of Argentinean-Chilean lakes along physical and bio-climatic gradients

Project SAFER is seeking a qualified doctoral student focusing on the geomorphologic, hydrodynamic and biogeochemical classification and potential changes of major lakes in Chile and Argentina (30° a 46° S).
The project will employ a combination of tools, potentially including airborne (hyper-spectral) and/or satellite based remote sensing (MODIS etc.), calibrated against a network of situ lake sensors, field sampling
and existing field data. The student will work directly with Chilean, Argentine and U.S. based collaborators, interact with a cohort of graduate student within a multidisciplinary framework, and participate in the Global Lake Ecological Observatory (GLEON) network.

Pre-requisites: The position is offered to residents of Latin American countries, with a preference toward Chile and Argentina. Must be proficient in English (TOEFL or equivalent), enrolled in a doctoral program (or potential to enroll starting with the spring 2013 semester), with an emphasis on limnology, oceanography, remote sensing or equivalent interdisciplinary focus. Must be willing to travel extensively, become a GLEON member, and participate in the annual meeting in Bahia Blanca Argentina in November 2013.

There is funding for 1 to 4 years, depending on student performance, with additional funds of for project related expenses and participation in meetings. Candidates will be strongly supported in securing additional funding for continued studies with collaborators in U.S. based institutions (e.g., becas CONICYT or CONICET).

For more information contact: Gerardo Perillo gmeperillo@criba.edu.ar, or Brian Reid brian.reid@ciep.cl

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